Charity Shop


charityshop554Our Charity Shop raises support for projects among the needy both locally in Cheltenham and overseas.

We stock a huge collection of men's and women's clothes and shoes.

Also on offer, we have books, CDs, games, furniture and crockery.

Open Wednesday to Saturday

Elim Centre, part of Elim Christian Centre,
115-117 St.Georges Road, Cheltenham

Raising Funds

Some of the money raised by our charity shop has been given to:

DC Congo

Water irrigation project and setting up a training centre for local villagers to provide them with practical skills to enable them to provide for their families


Far East

We have helped fund a project to rescue victims of the child sex slave trade, giving them care, education and hope.



Hundreds of children from deprived backgrounds are looked after through the Salasala childrens club in Dar Es Salaam, Tz.


Volunteer Now

If you have questions about where you can serve at Cheltenham Elim or what to volunteer your time or skills, please let us know here.